Bethune Condominiums  

About our Condominium

Welcome to the Bethune Condominium. CCC #67 is a great place to live, raise children and enjoy your retirement years. Here are a few of the many amenities in our area:
• Outstanding property: five hectares of private park-like green space with mature trees and playground; bisected by a ravine and creek.
• Proximity to schools, with excellent school bus service.
• Close to restaurants, grocery and hardware stores, pharmacy, banks, library and medical services.
• Bus stops on Teron Road with express downtown service, Park and Ride facilities nearby.
• Walking and bicycle paths nearby.
• Close to recreational, cultural and social amenities.
• Walking distance from high tech centres.
• A caring and committed Board of Directors.

With your purchase, you should have received from your lawyer the Condominium’s Declaration, By-laws, Rules and Regulations, and the Bethune Condominium Handbook. If you do not have these important documents, you can obtain them from the Property Manager. You can download the By-laws and Rules from this site.

In a condominium, the value of each unit is a function not only of the condition of that particular unit, but also of the overall condition and aesthetics of the condominium as a whole. To maximize the value of our community, there are rules about modifications. Residents must obtain written approval from the Board of Directors before making any changes to the exterior of their unit or to common elements. (See Interior Changes and Exterior Alterations and Installations by Owners.)

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the owners to manage the affairs of the condominium corporation using a professional Property Management Company. The Board sets policy, prepares the annual budget, sets priorities and coordinates communication with the owners.

Directors are elected according to a schedule set out in the By-Laws. The Board of Directors meets monthly, usually on the third Wednesday of each month, in the site office located on Bethune Way. Owners wishing to attend the monthly meeting must notify the Property Manager in advance of the meeting. The Property Manager will then include the owner and topic on the Agenda.


Val Wilkins, President
Jack Stilborn, Vice President & Secretary
Allen Scantland, Treasurer
Sharons Evans, Director at Large

Non-Voting Officers

Arjun Birdi, Website


The contents of this site have been compiled with the greatest of care. However, we cannot guarantee the currency, accuracy, and/or completeness. In case of discrepancy between this site and the Corporation's official documents, the official documents will prevail.