Bethune Condominiums  


Annual General Meeting

Condominium owners meet once a year for an Annual General Meeting and to elect Directors. At least 25 percent of the owners must be present in person or represented by proxy in order to have an officially constituted meeting. Owner participation is strongly encouraged. AGMs normally last approximately two hours and are held once a year in April.


The Board of Directors may appoint, from time to time, a committee to help it perform its duties or to do a special review and report back. At the time of formation, the Board solicits volunteer owners to be members of the committee.

Spring Cleanup

Every spring, on the third or fourth weekend of April depending on conditions, our condominium community pitches in for an annual spring cleanup. This collective effort is separate from the general Kanata-Beaverbrook spring cleanup day. It's a great way to get together with neighbours and have some fun, while working together on a worthwhile project to benefit our condominium. Owners and family members of all ages meet and the office on Bethune Way to split into teams.

Neighbourhood Watch

A core Neighbourhood Watch group works closely with the Ottawa Police Service on crime prevention within and around the condominium property. In the Bethune Condominium, incidents of undesirable activity such as nighttime disturbances, vandalism and car break-ins are statistically among the lowest for residential communities in Kanata. For information on how to get involved with Neighbourhood Watch call the Ottawa Police Service at 613-236-1222.