Bethune Condominiums  

Exterior Alterations and Additions by Owners

Any alteration or installation is a “Modification to the Common Element”. On the same basis as renovations, with prior written approval of the Board of Directors, residents may make certain modifications and additions to the outside of their unit and exclusive use common elements. For details see the Bethune Condominium Handbook, Article 4 of By-law 12 and the Rules and Regulations.

Many owners want to beautify and individualize their front and back yards, which are exclusive use areas. Whether you would like to landscape around your unit or you only wish to plant a small bed or border of annuals, contact the Property Manager to obtain prior written permission from the Board before you start.

You can download PDFs of the following requirements:
Air Conditioners
Windows and Doors, including Storm Doors and Garage Doors
Retractable Awnings
Owner's Fence and Gate
Garage Door Lights