Bethune Condominiums  

Interior Changes

Prior written approval of the Board of Directors is required for changes to the inside of your unit because such changes could affect load bearing walls, the electrical, heating or plumbing systems, fireplaces or may have an impact on the safety, structure or any insurance obtained for the Corporation. The Condominium must always have access to common elements, including your attic.

Modifications are also subject to certain terms and conditions: see your Bethune Condominium Handbook and Article 4 of By-law 12.

Before making any changes, contact the Property Manager to obtain specific guidelines and necessary forms in advance. Send your written request for Board approval through the Property Manager with detailed information, including designs, diagrams, specifications, and descriptions.

Retrofitting for Gas Heating

Retrofitted forced air or hot water systems are permitted on a case-by-case basis with prior written approval from the Board. Before approving such a system, the Board considers the type and efficiency of the furnace, the visual impact of any associated outside features, and other factors.

The Bethune Condominium was the first in the province to allow retrofitting for gas heating, in the early 1990s. At that time a consultant prepared plans and specifications for forced air installations in our units. These plans are available on request from the Property Manager.

Central and Window Air Conditioners

Download PDF Requirements for Air Conditioners.