Bethune Condominiums  

Property Manager

If you have a question, problem, complaint or emergency, or need to request permission for changes or alterations, contact the Property Manager. If you have an issue or request that you feel requires the attention of the Board, please submit your concerns in writing to the attention of the Board through the Property Manager. Board meetings are held once a month, and your correspondence will be presented at the next scheduled meeting.

Sean McDaniel
Condominium Management Group
335 Catherine Street, Suite 200
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 5T4
Telephone: 613-237-9519 x 241
Fax: 613-237-3533


If you cannot reach the Property Manager, phone 613-762-5704 (24 hours).

Overnight Visitor Parking

Response Safety Security & Investigations:

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Scan the QR code on the signs and register via your smart phone OR telephone 613-820-3657